Brian Page

In May 2009, a dormant 49 year old Brian Page had to suddenly kick-start his lifestyle after suffering a TIA (mini-stroke) when weighing in at 19st 4lb.  

After a radical change of diet, a 60lb weight-loss and a new-found interest in getting fitter and healthier, he hasn’t looked back since, often referring to it as a ‘Stroke of luck’, and hoping he can inspire others.  

Finding the treadmill in a local gym, Crockenhill-based Brian started clocking up hundreds of indoor miles before taking it onto the road, running in a string of 10k’s, 10-milers and half-marathons across the country, from Aberystwyth to the Kent Coastline, finally getting up to full marathon distance of 26.2 miles twice in 2012 and again in October 2013 and October 2014 for the Snowdonia Marathon, the toughest in Europe.  

With his own targets reached and the onset of Osteo-arthritis in the right knee and two minor heart complaints hindering his own running, Brian (now 59) has turned his sights onto getting the local community up and running along with Dartford resident and fellow runner Dawn Annett. They have launched and edit a monthly North Kent community running magazine called ‘So Let’s Go Running…’ and have registered a weekly running group branded with the same name under the Run England umbrella, with both Dawn and Brian being UK Athletics qualified Leaders in Running Fitness.  

Launched in Dartford on Tuesday 7th January 2014, the group witnessed an excellent turn-out of 34 local runners on the first night; a cold, blustery winter evening, which has now seen an excess of over 300 runners attending the FREE weekly sessions under the supervision of several qualified Run Leaders. 

June 2014 saw the creation of UK Athletics running club SLGR, with over 100 affiliated athletes, while 2015-2017 saw the arrival of three more ‘So Let’s Go Running’ groups in Kent; in Bexley, Crockenhill  and Gravesend, all with qualified Run Leaders. 

Not just content with the FREE community running sessions, Brian and Dawn took over the running of ‘Cyclorun’ at Cyclopark on Sunday mornings, offering local runners an age-banded time-trial with a choice of 2.5k, 5k, 7.5k and 10k distances.

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