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So Let’s Go Running Online is an exciting new venture from Brian Page & Dawn Annett, as they offer a range of online membership packages to runners across the UK, suitable for complete beginners, improvers and intermediate runners. 

So Let’s Go Running… Initially a monthly community running magazine since January 2012; we are now an award-winning set of running groups based in North West Kent, with five weekly running groups in Kent and one in Mid-Sussex. 

Brian Page… Leader in Running Fitness, Run Leader Mentor, Mental Health Champion, Guide Runner and co-founder of So Let’s Go Running, Brian has been running since 2011 and has participated in parkruns, 10k, half-marathons and marathons. 

Dawn Annett… Leader in Running Fitness, Run Leader Mentor, Mental Health Champion, Guide Runner and co-founder of So Let’s Go Running, Dawn has been running regularly since starting at Bluewater in 2007 and has participated in parkruns and a wide variety of distances up to a marathon, including cross-country and trail runs. 

With our combined interest in mental health awareness and specialising in community running, we are able to provide encouragement and guidance for runners who need support and confidence to either start or increase their running, and to improve both their physical and mental well-being.  

Dawn always takes the runners through creative but fun pre-run dynamic warm-ups and a routine of post-run stretches, which are as integral to the sessions as the are main drills, and important for injury prevention.

Ideally, we are looking to cater for the lone runner or very small groups of runners who are not always able to commit to regular running groups or clubs due to the restraints of home, university or work, and maybe those who need some advice and confidence on starting to run, with some guidance and support on target-setting, whether it be your first run, your first parkrun, your first race or your first marathon. 

As a RunTogether group, our aim is also to inspire, motivate and support fellow runners to run together, with the possibility of creating new So Let’s Go Running groups in areas where there is a demand to allow runners to ‘run together’ to build a new running community.  

We are willing to offer our services to Schools and Offices in the North West Kent area, where introducing running can improve well-being, leading to improving health and performance. 

Whether a beginner, an improver or a confident runner, we can chat about your running and offer a tailored programme to help you improve your fitness and performance, whether as a fun-runner, a park-runner or a regular race-goer.

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