So Let’s Go Running (Bexley) was selected to be the ‘face’ of the new RunTogether brand by England Athletics in a dual photo-shoot in June 2016, just seven months before the official launch in January 2017.  

The RunTogether initiative (previously Run England) aims to drive thousands of new people to running groups across England. 

The launch primarily focused on women and girls as recent research and interaction with current runners and potential runners indicated that a large proportion of women (over 60%) feel anxious when running alone, whether that be because of an unwelcome look or comment, or a tooting horn of a passing car. 

RunTogether has been designed to support more people in England to establish regular running habits, and enjoy the mental and physical health benefits this brings to break down the barriers and fears to running, and offer a fun, friendly and supportive way of running for everyone in England.  

RunTogether groups offer fun, organised runs/jogs with other people, led by qualified Run Leaders. 

The structured sessions, with warm-ups and cool-downs, cater for all running levels whether you’re starting with your first walk-jog or training for a marathon.

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